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What people are saying about us
Enjoyed doing business with Paul's Amusement Company and
especially since it has been profitable for both of us.

- James, JULY 2012
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We were amazed at the amount of Products that Paul's Amusement Company could obtain.  We ended up with just the right
products for our business. The pool table selections are awesome. We are quite happy and recommend them highly.

- Ernesto, Feb 2012
Our Club was able to obtain great equipment.  Everyone loves the Internet Jukebox.  The counter touch videos are
a big hit with our customers.  It was an easy experience getting what we wanted.  Thanks.
-Armando  August 2010
Getting the products we needed was easy when Paul showed us what we could get and at great pricing.
The Quality was evident and since they maintain
the products it was a plus.  Their customer Service is number one with us!

- Leonard, March 2011
No one can even come near the pricing that we got from Paul's Amusement Company.  We had checked all over town and we are glad we call this company.
- Belinda, September 2011
162 New Laredo Hwy.
San Antonio, Texas 78211
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